Streaming video and sound bites ... Interactive forms filled out on screen or paper.

The methods of gathering information and reporting details or projects are changing. For example, we are no longer limited to presenting a potential client with a business card that uses ink on paper to identify your company. We use an interactive CD cut like a business card to give insight into your company and services. Click on the Internet button and your computer automatically launches your web browser as it takes your potential client to your web site's home page.

Or perhaps you have a form that your clients use. We can replicate the form to be used on the Internet in a format that can be delivered via an email or on a CD. Using Adobe Acrobat technology, we can create a user-friendly PDF version of the form that allows it to be downloaded, filled out on screen or by pen and then printed for mailing or faxing.

After visiting a web site, you will have a good indication of the people and the company. Quite simply, the working-together process can begin with little more than a few key strokes and a click.

Go from Book ... to CD ... to screen

We can help you deliver your message in all formats - from concept to printed book format to CD- Rom and Web.

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